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Consider the Alternative

Access to portfolio enhancers to help you meet clients’ unique needs

As an independent firm, Richardson Wealth allows Advisors the freedom to utilize a broad range of Alternative Investments, including venture capital, private equity, private debt and private real estate. These diverse asset classes and strategies can look beyond a traditional 60/40 investment approach, further diversifying risk and/or enhancing returns for high net worth clients.  

Does this conversation sound familiar?

Client: “How can I better diversify my holdings and invest in other opportunities like private equity and private real estate, for example?

Advisor: “Unfortunately, at this time our firm only has access to stocks and bonds. We could try rebalancing…again.”

Now more than ever, having the option to provide affluent clients with access to a wide range of assets and products is critically important. As clients become more discerning, their wealth-planning needs more complex, and as markets become more volatile, Advisors increasingly need a comprehensive tool kit.

Our Investment Research team suggests that, although Alternatives can include a higher degree of risk, these investment strategies have a lower correlation to traditional stocks or bonds and have thus expanded the efficient frontier. Notably though, the need for quality due diligence on Alternatives is also more important and impactful compared to other asset classes. (Market Ethos, November 18, 2019).

Resources to support your approach

For Advisors who have yet to use or incorporate Alternative Investments, our industry-leading platform is available to manage differentiated strategies. This platform includes a unique product shelf and support for alternative investments such as the following: 

Access client-friendly resources, like our podcast, to help investors navigate Alternatives 


Alternatives buckets with common strategies 

Volatility management

  • Long/short with low net exposure
  • Market neutral
  • Managed futures / CTA
  • Multi strategy
  • Real assets 

Capital growth

  • Concentrated long equity
  • Long/short with higher net exposure
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Micro-cap
  • Merger arbitrage 


  • Long/short credit
  • Alternative lending
  • Real estate
  • Private debt
  • Infrastructure 

There’s a better alternative

Are you prepared for the growing interest in Alternatives from high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients?

Contact us to learn more about our unique partnership approach, allowing you the freedom to access a diverse investment product suite.


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