The benefits of independence

Leverage our independence to further your own

Richardson Wealth’s independence allows Advisors to do two key things at once: help your clients by putting their best interests first and grow your business how you want.

That entrepreneurial spirit is at home with Richardson Wealth. As business owners we operate with the same drive, initiative, resilience and professionalism. That ambition has led us to become the largest non-bank owned firm in Canada’s wealth management space.

The key to our success, and ultimately to yours, is a singular focus: Wealth management advice that is unbiased, independent and without conflicted interests. That independence means you can prioritize the needs of clients by considering every investment option on its own merits and determining whether it is right for their unique needs.

Independence via a strategic partnership

Our commitment to Advisors is further cemented by a unique partnership structure in which you have equity ownership – this recognizes your independence while creating a true alignment of our values and interests. Here are some additional ways we support Advisors as our key partners:

  • One grid - Advisors are in the best position to decide whether a transactional or fee-based service is best for their clients
  • Board representation with two seats earmarked for Advisors
  • Working groups to help direct initiatives
  • Transparent communication of financials and project priorities
  • Access to our Proprietary Practice Development Institute providing resources for your practice
  • Access to in-house financial, estate and insurance professionals


Contact us to learn more about Richardson Wealth and to discuss the potential for a long-term partnership.


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