The next generation of wealth.™

Preserving and growing the legacy you have built

Richardson Wealth recognizes the best approach to wealth planning is not only multi-dimensional, but also multi-generational. We are committed to helping individuals, families and successful business owners – both first and second-generation – secure their future prosperity through long-lasting sound financial decisions.

The next generation of wealth is about your family, your business, your future.


Understanding your history and complex journey

We understand your wealth is more than just the possession of money in the here and now. It is a manifestation of how you arrived at it – through hard work, discipline and sacrifice, perhaps with some good fortune thrown in. And for business owners specifically, we recognize your perseverance in weathering the many conditions and challenges that come with building your vision. Your wealth journey is also about your future and the prosperity of those who come after you. The wealth you have accumulated serves as an instrument to help you achieve your goals over time, including a plan for the next generation.

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Your wealth

Holistic strategies and solutions

Wealth comes with its own distinct challenges and complexities, requiring sophisticated planning. Richardson Wealth offers a comprehensive range of wealth management services including financial planning, customized investments and discretionary portfolio management. Our Investment Advisors also work alongside the Tax & Estate Planning and Insurance teams to develop customized solutions encompassing financial, tax, estate, philanthropic and succession-planning strategies for your family wealth or business.

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Diligent managers and custodians of your wealth

We are privy to your personal, financial and business goals and many other details of your life. As Investment Advisors and managers of your wealth, we remain diligent and rigorous about protecting and growing your assets. Our value-added advice is always transparent and as an independent wealth management company, we focus on meaningful, progressive strategies and solutions. Your best interests remain at the core – this is multi-dimensional and multi-generational wealth planning.

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