International Women’s Day 2021

Helping girls and all children reach their full potential

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to express our collective solidarity to forge a gender equal world. Everyone at Richardson Wealth is committed to the advancement of women. We are consciously mindful of our role in the betterment of society by sponsoring and endorsing women at work, at home and in our communities. This is one of the many reasons we are a proud and unified organization.

To that end, Richardson Wealth is making our second annual investment in the future of youth with a sizeable financial donation to Plan International Canada’s Youth Advisory Council. We share a fundamental belief that advancing children’s rights will remove barriers that keep children, especially girls, from reaching their full potential. The Youth Advisory Council’s mandate is to enable young people to learn about and support Plan International Canada’s noble mission. Our sponsorship serves as another proof point of how we, as a company, are highly committed to a future of belonging and inclusion and empowering the next generation.

Let’s take some time to recognize those who contributed to our advancement, success and well-being. And please consider joining us by making a donation to the Youth Advisory Council. We are privileged to be like-minded professionals who collaborate on many important goals. Generating positive change in our community is one of the most meaningful opportunities we have as the Richardson Wealth team.

More community initiatives

At Richardson Wealth, our values are deeply ingrained. We live by them whether in difficult times or in better days. This begins with people who bring the highest integrity to their approach, in work and in life. Always doing what is right by our clients extends beyond the walls of our offices to our communities, where we strive to be leaders who seek to improve conditions for others.

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