Advanced strategies

Taking diversification and the preservation of wealth to the next level

No two investors are alike.

Some are ultra-conservative, others are adventure-seekers. Some want to be kept in the loop every step of the way, while others are happy to delegate the investment decisions to professionals. Some are modestly informed, some sophisticated and others somewhere in between.

To us, it makes no difference. No matter which stage you are at we always put you first and do what is right for you. Even investors looking for a broader range of diversification opportunities, from alternative investments to clients with the specific needs associated with substantial wealth, can count on us for wise counsel and direction.

Investing wisely includes options

Diversification need not be restricted to asset classes. If you have the financial means, if you are looking for long-term investments and you are comfortable with taking a more institutional approach, you can choose investments that are out of reach for most individual investors.

You can, for instance, take advantage of the typical higher returns available through private market investing. You can invest in real estate and enjoy both the tax benefits and the monthly income. Or invest directly — outside of buying stock in public companies — effectively buying into the business in an ownership position, which gives you a voice in how the company is managed.

You can choose to engage in impact investing, which not only allows you to invest directly in organizations, but also select those that positively affect social or environmental issues. So, you can do good and do well at the same time.

If you see possibilities where others see uncertainty, we can match you up with opportunities to invest in the very early stages when seed, start-up and growth funding is needed.

Services for Canada’s most successful families

Wealth comes with its own distinct challenges and complexities. The issues that concern you and your families that relate to sustaining and passing on wealth to future generations require a highly specialized team with technical knowledge and experience.

You may, for example, need cross-border advice, if you own property outside of Canada, have family living and working outside the country or also want guidance on managing the flow of assets. Our partnerships with U.S.-based specialists — lawyers, tax accountants and even wealth management firms — allow us to be of great assistance to you.

We also regularly advise clients on family-owned businesses, succession planning and the potential impact it can have. We consider business transition counsel such an important and valuable part of what we offer clients. A growing number of our Advisors have the FEA (Family Enterprise Advice) designation.

Philanthropy is more involved than the act of giving. It’s also a highly visible expression of your family’s values and a meaningful part of your legacy. Helping you determine the best route for you and your family that reflects your beliefs, and executing the plan is well within our purview.

And then we take it all a step further. With our Richardson Wealth Private Family Office practice — which was designed exclusively for families with generational wealth — you can gain access to a 360-degree view of all aspects of your financial picture, management of the experts already working on your behalf, personalized strategic counsel, and administrative leadership.

At Richardson Wealth we have the knowledge, expertise, products, resources, capabilities, and desire to meet the needs of all investors.